• Song:

    Friends Apickin - Current River

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Current River
Verse 1

              A          D            A    
When I was a child, my family would travel
           A                          E             A
Down to Southeast Missouri, where my parents where born
           A                       D      A
There's a backards old town thats oftn remembered
 A                    E        A
So many times at my memry's reward

 A                                    D      A
Daddy wont you take me back to old Shannon County
     A                            E       A
Down by the Current River where paradise lays
  A                     D             A
Sorry my son, but your too late in askin'
        A                     E      A
The government has already took it away

(Fiddle/Harmonica Solo)
Verse 2
   A                           D                A
Sometimes we'll travel right down the Current River
        A                             E      A
To the old Bailey Ferry down at PowderMill Bridge
          A                    D            A
Where if you took the time to stop and to listen
           A                        E            A         
You could hear the dogs runnin' up high on the ridge

Chorus and Solo

Verse 3
        A                     D            A
The govenment came and they took all our houses
       A                          E            A
They took all our homes and they took all our land
  A                      D        A    
Now their gone and the land is forsaken
       A                         E         A
They wrote it all down as the progress of man

No Chorus, Verse 4
        A                      D                 A
When I die let my ashes float down the Current River
         A                      E            A
Let my soul roll right up to Frank Roberts Land
         A                         D         A
I'll be half way to heaven with paradise a'waitin'
  A                     E       A
Five miles away from wherever I am

Chorus then solo to fade
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