• Song:

    Garrett Levenbrook - Washed Up Love

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Intro: G/D/Em Am/C/D  x2

Verse 1-

Chords: lines alternate with this chord progression:

G/D/Em Am/C/D (note: Play first chord for whole line except last 2 beats, which 
get last 2 chords respectively)

G                            D      Em
O babe, every time that I think of you
Am                         C   D
I close my eyes and I have no clue
G                               D        Em
How such a perfect thing could end this way
Am                                    C    D
What happened to the love we shared every day?
G                                     D Em
The times we sipped chocolate milk together
Am                                C  D
And played on the beach in sunny weather
G                                         D    Em
In those days, I thought our love would never quit
Am                         C   D
But baby, since then you know it’s



E        Am
Hard without you
Dsus4       D
What can I say?
      E      Am
The love was so true
Dsus4            D
And you turned away

Verse 2-
G                          D     Em
So what am I doing just sitting here?
Am                                     C    D
Writing songs that no one else should ever hear
G                              D    Em
As I strum the strings of my heart cry
Am                            C    D
And I feel the pain of the lonely guy
G                              D  Em
But now all I can do is just move on
Am                         C   D
And start each day with a new dawn
G                                    D      Em
My heart still feels like it’s been cut by knives
Am                              C    D
Cause baby I know you know that my life’s

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