• Song:

    Gashcat - Every Summer Every Spring

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Every Summer, Every Spring

G                       C                               G
Every summer, every spring, there were roses at the door/ 
                         C                              G                C
And the children in the bath, splashing water on the floor/ 
In the morning you would wake and I?d watch you in a dream/ 
Floating out across the waves with the world inside your teeth/ 

D                     C                 G
I never knew you were always waiting
D                     C                 G             B          C
I never knew you were always waiting         for me/ 

G                     C
Every Summer, Every Spring x4

(Then It's the same the whole song with little instrumental Breaks) 

Walking out across the dark so terrible and tall/ 
Listen only to the sound of the shadows in the hall/ 
Then you dress yourself in red, painting flowers on your face/ 
With the ring around your head and the show behind the shade/ 

I never knew you were always leaving
I never knew you were always leaving, leaving me/ 

Every Summer, Every Spring/
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