• Song:

    Gene Mcdaniels - Chip Chip

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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CHIP CHIP:Gene McDaniels:
Top of charts in '62.


G                          C                D
From one little kiss and a lotta lovin' you build a big
mansion of love,
G                 C              D              
High on a hill of happiness with someone you've been
     C        G
been dreamin' of,
G                              C             D    
You build a wall around with a lotta lovin', all around 
     C          G
your mansion of love, 
G                       C                    D       
Then one day you hear a strange little sound tryin' to tear 
     C       G
your mansion down.

Whoa, oh oh oh chip, chip, you tell a little lie,
C               D 
Chip, chip, you make your baby cry. 
Chip, chip, you cheat a little bit,
C               D 
Chip, chip, you quarrel over it.
G                       Em7 
Oh oh oh one day you're gonna discover,
C                D 
One little wrong leads to another.
G           C              D                C          G 
Chip, chip, chippin' away, chippin' at your mansion of love.

ADD:(To Chorus). 
C                                          G
one little spark when it starts to glowin' can warm a big mansion of love,
A                                     D
One little wrong brings on the gloom, puts a chill in every room.



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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