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    Genta - Planet Me

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    Misc Unsigned Bands

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One of the first songs I've ever worked out, but I noticed it wasn't up here 
anywhere.  The song isn't meant for a guitar, but I found these chords went pretty 
nicely along with it.  Sidenote: The F's in the chorus sound alright if you play a 
C instead, I just left the F because I liked how it sounded better, but it's up to you.

Title: Planet Me
Artist: Genta (Featuring Kara DioGuardi)
Composer: Kara DioGuardi
Label: 2008 John Goci


Planet Me

G                            D
Never think your gonna get a word in edgewise
Em                           C
Never think your gonna get a grip on my life
G                      D            C
That don't mean that I dont really want you
G                                    D
I don't expect for you to know just what I'm feeling
Em                                      C
On different days the things I say have different meanings
G                     D                 C
That dont mean that I dont need you to hear me
G                        D              C
And sometimes it seems I just need you near me.

I dont know what you been waiting for
Am          E
Leave your baggage at the back door
Embrace everything that you adore
G                  D                Em
Welcome to planet, welcome to planet me
(Enter your self)
G                  D                Em
Welcome to planet, welcome to planet me
(Just dont leave)

(Set yourself free)

G                          D
If you wanna stay you better orbit round me
Em                                C   
I like it when you're close but dont ever crowd me
C                          Am
I got to feel like I'm free I got to know you're with me 
G                         D                         F
I got to look in your eyes and know for me you would die.


G                      D
There might be life on other planets
Em                          C
If that's what you want then you can have it
G                    D
But I got love, and I want to share it
Em               C
I'm inviting you to planet me.

Chorus x2
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