• Song:

    George Sanger - Welcome To The Zoo

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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"Welcome to the zoo"

Putt-putt Saves the Zoo. Version numbers unknown. Atari. 12/13/2008.
Standard tuning [eBGDAE]

to be honest, any rhythm sounds good, play around with it.

Chords used:
	A	D	E
E	0-	2-	0
B	2-	3-	0
G	2-	2-	1
D	2-	0-	2
A	0-	0-	2
E	0-	0-	0

We are the topiary creatures
We're very pleased to meet youse
E                  A A D A
Senors y senoritas too
The animals we feature
Ya know would never eat ya
   E                     A
We sing so very sweet to you


A       E
Welcome to the zoo
Zoo zoo
E        A
With the kangaroos
Roos roos
A       E
And the tigers too
Too too
E              A
Welcome to the zoo zoo zoo

(Chords follow same pattern throughout)

So show some self reliance
Come in and see our clients
But do not feed the giant yaks
You learn about the lions
And advertising tie-ins
And maybe learn some science facts

REFRAIN x2 (during animal rap)


So wipe off your windshield so you can see
The elephant, the monkey and the chimpanzee, canaries, chikaris*, the bears are all
the cheetahs, cicadas, gorillas, and gators, the emus, and the llamas very similar to the
turtle, and the tortoise, and the dolphins and the porpoises, mice, lice, goose, moose
Welcome to the zoo zoo zoo


We are the topiary creatures
We're early multimedia
So our lips don't have to move exact
But our director, Sammy
Says we could win a Grammy
If we let you interact



We're very very creatures
We're very pleased to meet youse
I haven't written this verse yet
But uh I will write it
And it will sound much better
Than when we had uh Wet Wet Wet


Humongous Entertainment 1995

Note: In some versions of the game, the "topiary creatures" at the entrance to the zoo
nudge and wink, in others they burst into a version of the song that uses verse 3.2
written this verse yet) instead of verse 3.1 (very multimedia). 3.1 is heard during the 
credits. The song was written and performed by George Sanger and, in some versions, a few
his friends.

* "Chikari"
This was a mistake on the writer's part.  He was apparently thinking of Chikara
n. [Hind.] (Zo["o]l.) (a) The goat antelope (Tragops Bennettii) of India. (b) The Indian
antelope (Tetraceros quadricornis).}
and he may have gotten confused with "Chikari," the high drone strings of a sitar. I
the guys at Humongous just gave up and drew an odd, random animal.

artist: http://fatman.com/
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