• Song:

    Jband - Lead Me Back To You

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Intro: Bm7-C9 (3x) D

It's You alone
          Bm7            C9    Bm7
The only reason why I'm here
  C9           D
Bowed down at Your feet
And It's You alone
     Bm7            C9        Bm7
Who gave it all for me
     C9       D
My heart is Yours to keep
Am              Bm                  C9
    All powerful, All knowing Lord
Ever present, You love me for who I am
          Bm           C9        D
Great is Your Name oh Lord
G       Dsus4/F#          C9
I lay it down into Your arms
Lead me back to You
G               Dsus4/F#
I'll praise Your Name oh Lord
Lead me back to You
          Em7       C9       D
'coz it's not about me it's You
           Em7    D   C9        D
'coz it's never about me, it's You
                     Bm7-C9 (3x) D
It's all about You
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