• Song:

    Michael Flayhart - Surely Grown

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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                             SURELY GROWN - Michael Flayhart
Tabbed by: gamingstaff

Tuning: Standard (Capo 2)

Verse 1
D                                 Em                          F#m     
        Ive spent all my life worried about the little things
G                                         D
Running away from all those little things.
But when youre running away
Em                                      F#m     
Stop to think about where youre going
                G                                             D
Cause you might find you dont like where youve arrived. 
         A7          A7sus4         A7                    Em
But oh, after all these years I find that I
                D       Em     F#m     G
Im running home

Verse 2
               D                        Em                      F#m     G    C/G         G
Ive spent all my money paying off all the money that I spent 
                 D                                          Em           F#m    G    C/G   G
And after years of shouldering these obligations, my back is fully bent 
         A7          A7sus4              A7                   G
But oh, if I stand up straight Ill see that I
Ive surely grown 

A       D      G      C/G        G  (x4)

D (4 measures)    G (2 measures)
D (2 measures)    G (2 measures)    {x3}
D (2 measures)

Verse 3/Outro
D       Em      F#m   G       C/G       G          (x2)

          A7                     A7sus4                 A7              G
And oh, find your peace when you are faced with war
When youre sick and you are poor
                Em      F#m     G          A            D
Cause were meant    for      so     much     more
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