• Song:

    Mike Lisi - Arc Of Sorrow

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Capo 4        Standard tuning


B|----3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3------------|  Strum Dm

Dm    Am   E   Am   Dm   Am   E    repeat then gradually slow down

Am                      Dm
Mankind is running rest assured not in circles
      Am                                  E
We're heading towards something that will certainly stop us
But for now we're like moths gravitating
   E                      Am
To Porch lights of our own creating
          Am                       E                   Dm
After our industrious black clouds have blocked out the moon

Am    Dm    Am    E    Pick up pace

Am                      Dm
Lest we forget that at one point we foraged
Am                    E
We were convinced the world was flat
        Am                   Dm
Yes at one point in time everybody on Earth
Was wrong about the same thing
E                   Am
Mark my words it'll happen again
       Dm                 Am
If it isn't right no-o-o-o-w

Am  Dm  E  Am   even faster

Don't be bothered that we're all just 
Dirt in it's larval stages
E                              Am
We're smears and smudges we're not even stains
Dm                           Am
Only those who find humor in life's little mishaps
E                                 Am
Will win in the long run if there is such a thing

Am  Dm  E  Am
Oh if they can get past the         [silence guitar after ;]

Am         E          Dm           Am
Cannibals; criminals; claws in the sky
Am            E          Dm          Am
Fountains; of fire; that burn us all alive
Am                     E              Dm       Am
The Congress; can't control us; their laws are awry
             Am             E              Dm             Am
They're like mountains; but higher; yet to climb them we strive

Am;   E;   Dm;   Am;   E;   Dm;   Am      slow back down

Am                                 E
If there is a god after all we'll just have to make up
               Dm                       Am           Fm
But if there's no one at all then we're shit out of l-u-u-ck

Am   C    Am   Fm    Am    C    Am    Fm    repeat out
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