• Song:

    Steven Georgiou - Please Dont Leave Me Behind

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Song: Please don?t leave me alone
Artist: Steven T. Georgiou (Me)
(Power Chords) E, A, 

One thing I know, I can?t be without you,
Your face appears always in my dreams
How could I forget your pretty face?

I can?t be the only one, longing for someone,
There is one person, who keeps on telling you,
Find someone else who will love you,

E, B, C#m, A
My sad soul says,
Please stay here, don?t leave me alone
I will be ?
looking for you baby,
Oh please, don?t leave me behind.

E, B, C#m, A

E, A
These words they came, from deep within my heart,
This melody came from a broken heart,
My spirit?s longing for you,

I can?t live a month without seeing you,
Or even a day without a sight of you,
Sometimes I see myself thinking of you.

Repeat Chorus

C#m, B, A, B, C#m, B, A

Some couples aren?t perfect,
Cause they don?t tell one another,
What?s the matter with you?

They don?t admit if it?s their fault,
They?ve got too much pride on their own,
They also keep their secrets which in return
Become?s the problem. Oh

C#m, B, A, B, C#m, B, A
Chorus 2:

My sad soul says,
Please stay here with me, don?t leave me alone
I?ll be looking for you baby,
Please just be beside me and please don?t leave me behind.

4x of different versions then fade.

10th composition of mine :)
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