• Song:

    The Likes Of Us - More Then Friends

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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A                        D
You know we're lookin' a bit suspicious
A               D
We're doing the things that couples do
A                 D
Don't want to be superstitious
    E                   E7
But I saw cupid hanging by the moon

A            D
We go to the show together
A               D
We're sharing a big banana split
A                  D
But it would taste so much better
E             E7
With a little kiss

           Bm        F#m
I wanna be more than friends
           D                A
Cos you're complicating the mood I'm in
Bm        F#m
More than friends
You got me oh so flustered I can't pretend that
You do something to me
My heart syncs to your beat
D       Bm               A
This is where our love begins
This is where it starts
Our love begins

A                  D
We're chatting for hours and hours
A                    D
Not noticing time is passing by
A              D
We look like a perfect picture
E                    E7
Why fight it when it feels so right

A              D
I'm putting my arms around you
A              D
I'm placing my heart out on that line
A              D
I'm giving you all my best moves
E             E7
I'll make you mine


      Bm            F#m                D
And I know that you are afraid that we had is gonna end
Bm                  F#m                         D
But every second we waste tonight is time we'll never see again
Bm                F#m                      D               E
Now fate's giving us a chance why don't we let the pieces fall
Bm                      F#m                 E
Cos it's better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all

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