• Song:

    The Love Language - Night Dogs

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Intro: D Em7 D Em7 D Em7

D                Em7
Well, you found the butterflies
D                Em7
It's funny how we're alike
Bm            G                 D    A
Is your tummy full tonight like mine?
D                Em7
Wine flights of cheap champagne
D                Em7
And that night we stayed up late
        Bm                   G
For the sunrise that never came
            D          A           A7
Through the clouds and pouring rain
Oh, tease, I bet you're sitting in a pile
Of stolen LPs on your dirty floor
              D         Bm
Wish you were here with me
I'm doing better now
But I've still got the disease

D     Em     D    Em   D

You're an artist with a steady wrist
And I'm just a sad scientist singing
About who I kissed last night
In your shoes, I'd walk a mile
It takes one to know once in a while I do (feel blue, too)

And the worst thing about the changing weather
Is the leaves turn and you ain't no better
And you'll never be
That's the beauty of those lovely leaves
I've still got the disease
I've still got the disease 

D     Em     D    Em   D (Fade out)
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