• Song:

    The Lower 48 - The End

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

A beautiful song. My first tab so please give me any recommendations. I tried to 
implement where to play the chords with the words as best as possible, but listen 
to the song if still confused. Also listen to the song for strumming patterns. Enjoy!  ~Connell P.

Capo on 5

G?        x00000
D         x00232
Em        022000
G         320000
G*        320007

Intro     G?   D   G?   D   G?   D   G?   D   D   D   D  D

D                      Em
I was watching you on
the tv screen you were
turning green beneath the sun.
Your subtle subtext and your
doubtful justice they were
on display for everyone.
It's been awhile since I've seen you
                          G                                D
I start to smile as your color changes shades from green to blue.
You don't talk to me and 
reacting properly
I don't ever talk to you.

Em       G*              D
Oh I release you my old friend
Em            G*                     D
I think we've finally reached the end     x2

(Repeat Intro)
Bridge ? Chorus x2 without words
(Repeat Intro)

D               Em
I remember days
when we entertained
     G                                       D
the thoughts that nothing here could break us up.
I guess that we were wrong
enduring for far too long
     G                                   D
the things that scratch and ruin a friendship.
Well I fled to the coast and
                             G                                  D
tried to make the most of my life my trade my faults and my hard facts.
I guess it's half my fault and you don't need a crystal ball
   G                                D
to see that dwindling love don't come back.

Chorus x4

(Repeat Intro)

D                     Em
I was watching you on
                 G                        D
the tv screen and this is where all maps end.

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