• Song:

    The Moose - Go With The Flow

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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G   B7   Am   D7 2x

         G            B7    Am              D7
Refrain: Go with the flow, that's what they say.
G            B7   Am            D7
Go with the flow, and you'll be k
                Dm                 Am                  E             Am      
Verse #1:  The flows like rushing down a stream with a -- six man a-rowing 
           Dm                     Am                    E             
team, you don't know whats gonna happen to you but you gotta ride the 
          Am     Am  Am  
flow the, Whole way through.  Refrain.

                Dm            Am      E                Am      Dm           
Verse #2:  The flow is like a rhythem, you just can't stop it, it's like a 
     Am    E               Am   Dm                 Am  E               Am 
good topic, you can't drop it.  The rhythems go a beat, it just can't end. 
Dm        Am      E         Am
topic so eternal you can't comprehend.  Refrain.  Riff 1

Riff 1:  A string   5  3
     Low E string          5    3    1    3x   G   B7   Am   D7   Refrain.

           Dm           Am   E         Am    G                  Am       E
Verse #3:  Go with the flow, it has no end.  the place it will take you, you 
can't pretend.   Refrain, Verse #1

Thank You for reading.  I made this song up, and hope to someday become  a famous 
guitarist.  If you want more of my songs, Go to my web site.
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