• Song:

    The Morning Light - Clouds

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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This is the song Clouds by the Morning Light, I'm pretty sure its correct.  Enjoy it! 
fairly simple and straightforward.

Chords Used:

C - 332010
F - x33210
G - 320033
Am - x02210


C - Am - G - G     x2


C     Am                G
Oh my god, this town it feels like a headache

C           Am              G
And all the words inside my mouth won't come through

C             Am         G
I've got this pain in my head that I can't shake

C      Am              G
When I remind myself I can't get to you

***Pre - Chorus***

       F      Am  G
And it rained all day

      C          Am               G
And I figured it out, I'm not the person that I used to be

F   Am G
Washed Away

               C       Am                G
Please someone make me okay, because I'm feeling like I might


F    C          Am      G
Take today, and make my way

            F         C            Am      G
Through the towns the streets, the pouring rain

      F           C              Am           G    
Cause somedays it seems like the clouds won't stay away


F      C     G
Bad up ba ba ba,  oh oh

F      C     G
Bad up ba ba ba

***Verse 2***

I watched you change with the seasons, oh
I wrote you letters but I forgot to mention that
I'm a wreck, I'm a mess, your a stranger
Watch the days fade away now I'm stuck here

***Repeat Chorus***
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