• Song:

    The Morning Light - The Love

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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**Check this band out. They've got a ton of talent.

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Enjoy! :)

The Love
The Morning Light
The Sounds of Love EP

Capo 5

Chords used (relative to capo; x = don't play)

      G       Gaug        C2        Cm        
        B/D        Em
E ----3---------x----------x---------3---------x----------x----------0-|
A ----2---------x----------3---------3---------0----------2----------2-|
D ----0---------1----------2---------5---------2----------0----------2-|
G ----0---------0----------0---------5---------2----------0----------0-|
B ----3---------0----------3---------4---------1----------3----------0-|
e ----3---------0----------3---------3---------0----------2----------0-|

Intro: G Gaug C2 Cm Am 
C2 D

         G                       Gaug
When you finally fade from those nights you spend
      C2                      Cm
doing god only knows with your new friends.
     Am            B/D                 C2           D
When you decide to come back you always can.
              G                           Gaug
Our lives are separate roads, we pick our separate ways
        C2                      Cm
but the love I found reminds me every day
     Am                B/D                C2         
that I still believe in you. I still have faith. I have faith

             Em       C2
that you'll find your way
          Em        Cm
and realize your mistakes.

     G             C2      D             G   Cm
'Cuz I can't handle another night alone.

           G                          Gaug
And so I'm trying to find words to convince you to stay.
          C2                        Cm
Trying to pick myself up but you're getting away.
  Am                     B/D
I keep falling down, the words won't come out,
   C2                                  D
my tounge twists in circles keeps them trapped in my mouth.
     G               Gaug
But I need the ocean or it's sand,
       C2                        Cm
or the high that I felt when you first held my hand.
    Am           B/D              C2             D
And hunny I just can't feel right alone.

           Em       C2
Is there hope for this
          Em        Cm
'Cuz it's you that I miss.
    G            C2       D              G     Cm
And I can't handle another night alone.

Em               C2
Please start the sounds and the story lines.
      Em             C2
I'm falling apart so watch me as I unravel tonight
and swim through my changing life.

        G             C2      D                G
'Cuz I can't handle another long goodbye,
C2        D                  G
  another sleepless night.
Cm               G
This is my story line.
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