• Song:

    The Morning Light - The Love

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Capo 5th fret.
Chords in relation to capo.

G                                                          G7
When you finally fade from those nights you spend 
            C                                            Cm
Doing god only knows with your new friends.
           Am                   D                                      C       D
When you decide to come back you always can. Oh.
                        G                                                        G7 
Our lives are seperate roads We've picked our seperate ways
               C                                               Cm
But this love I've found reminds me every day 
         Am                    D
That I still belive in you 
                   C                     D
I still have faith. (I have faith)
                    Em           C
That you'll find your way. 
              Em         Cm
And relize your mistakes. 
            G                       C            D       G        Cm
Cause I can't handle another night alone. 

                    G                                    G7     
And so I'm try'n to find words to convince you to stay.
Try'n to pick myself up 
But you're getting away. 
I keep falling down. 
The words won't come out. 
      C                                                              D
My tongue twists in circles keeps them trapped in my mouth. 
         G                          G7
But I need the ocean or it's sand 
            C                                           Cm
Or the high that I felt when you first held my hand. 
        Am                 D                        C         D
And honey I just can't feel right alone. Alone. 

              Em           C
Is there hope for this? 
                  Em             Cm
Cause it's you that I miss. 
        G                       C            D       G        Cm
And I can't handle another night alone. 

~Instrumental Break~ 
            Em           C
Please stop the sound in the story line. 
I'm falling apart 
Watch me as I unravel tonight. 
And sleep through my changing life. 
            G                      C             D      G
Cause I can't handle another long goodbye. 
C             D              G
Another sleepless night. 
Cm                       G
This is my story line
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