• Song:

    Bryson Don - Feel The Same

  • Artist:

    Misc Your Songs

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"Feel The Same" - written by Don Bryson

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C# (x46600)
A  (x02200) or (577600)
E  (022100)
B  (799800)

Verse 1:

C#            A             E       B
Even when the sun begins to rise;

C#                     A                E                 B
My world will still be dark without the light behind your eyes

Verse 2:

C#           A                       E       B
And when you think my love has disappeared;

C#            A                       E         B
I'll still be waiting to sing in your ear again tonight


A                 C#    A                   C#
And I need you to know; that I can't let you go;

A     C#                      B
But I know that you're fading away


E        B               A      C#  B
And If I take you by the hand

E           B             A      C#  B
Maybe I can make you understand

E           B              A        C#  B
Even though everything has changed

E           B               A     C#  B  A
That I will always feel the same

Verse 3:

C#             A                E      B
As for all the things I couldn't say;

C#          A               E     B
I know I'll see you another day

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