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    Lauritz Schultz - Here Is Isolation

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    Misc Your Songs

This is basicly a song about being alone, and miss your girlfriend. I wrote the song out
from a friends experince. Enjoy.

Vers 1
C6            Am7  
Here is isolation
Cmaj7                         Asus2   Asus4
Don't know where to go
C6                Am7
Don't wanna suffer 
Cmaj7                Asus2       Asus4
Those Dreadful evenings 
C6          Am7
Without you
Cmaj7           Asus2 Asus4
Ohh without you
C6                    Am7
So near in my mind
Cmaj7         Asus2      Asus4 4  
So far and lonely
C6        Am7
Am not tight
Cmaj7             Asus2     Asus4
Your love was only
C6                   Am7          
Kind of mystery 
Cmaj7            Asus2   Asus4
A mystery to me

G9      Cadd9
I am amazed
G9                    Cadd9  
Why can't we confess
G9                 Cadd9
This is to far away
G9                    Cadd9      D6
I don't want to retreat

Vers 2
C6                                        Am7                       
Every time I'd learned 'bout love
Cmaj7                  Asus2     Asus4  

I can hear a voice say
C6                    Am7
Listen to your mind 
Cmaj7                   Asus2   Asus4
And fuck the god above

C6                     Am7
I thought it will be
Cmaj7          Asus2    Asus4
You was farsighted
Cmaj7        Asus2   Asus4
I am intimidated

Cadd9             Em
Immeasurable conscious 
Cadd9         Em    
About your self
Cadd9   G9   
I am impressed 
Cadd9             Em
Don't know to raise
Cadd9      Em
Raise our love
Cadd9                   G9
Investigation was crap 

Vers 3
C6                    Am7
Believe when I say 
Cmaj7 Asus2   Asus4
I love you
C6                  Am7
Believe when you
Cmaj7 Asus2   Asus4
Fuck you
C6                         Am7
Know you are far away
Cmaj7              Asus2    Asus4
Can't find my feelings

G9                  Cadd9
Here we are gathered
G9              Cadd9
Didn't understand 
G9                  Cadd9  
Compare it to your self
G9                  Cadd9
surrounded of friends
G9                  Cadd9
apparently not enough
G9                  Cadd9

What is executed 

Lyrics by Lauritz Schultz
Chords by Lauritz Schultz and Steffen Petersen
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