• Song:

    Nadira Bostic - Outrageous Expectations

  • Artist:

    Misc Your Songs

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Capo 3

D                          G
Black lightning strikes my heart 
A            C
Tearing me apart
A7            B7
Enveloped in thunder

D                  G
You watch my every move
A                   C
What have I got to prove?
A7                B7
Afraid to make a blunder

C                   G
You trap me in the dark
C9            G
My anger is electric
D                 A
About to start a spark

D                G
You want me to comply
A             C
I'm living a lie
A7                  B7
Trying to make you happy

D                    G
But, we are not the same,
A              C
I am not your name
A7                   B7
So stop screaming at me

D                 G
You say I am too bold
A                 C
I don't fit your mold
A7           B7
I am my own person

D                       G
You argue that you're right
A              C
All we do is fight
A7               B7
So what am I learning?
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