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Theme For The Popular AFL Show Talking Footy 
I thought I would tab this because I figured it out on my acustic one night.  
This is my first tab, so bear with me, This sounds right on my acoustic, although 
you may need to change the lyrics to correspond with the day that talking footy 
is currentley being shown. Enjoy 
G5                   D5 
Weekend's Come And Gone 
       C5               G5 
And We'll Talk Up A Storm 
  G5                         D5              C5 
Bout' Our Team , Bout' Our Form And How It Could Be 
 G5                    D5 
When Tuesday Comes Around 
C5                           G5 
We'll Be The Talk Around The Town 
         G5                     D5             C5 
Bou't What Happens Cross The Nation In The Footy 
  G5         D5             C5            G5  
Tuesday Nights - Wer'e Talking Footy  
Any comments, suggestions, or corrections should be sent to gab253@bigpond.com
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