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e---------------------------------------------11-- | 
b-----------------------------------------11--11-- | 
g-----------------------------------------22--22-- |   X2
d-------------0--2--0------------0--2--0--22--33-- |         
a--3--0--0--3---------3--0--0--3----------00--33-- |         
e-------3------------------3------------------11-- | 

Often the C is actualy C -> C/G but i couldn't be bothered to fill it in

      C      C/G      C          C/G  
I got beans, tea, and pennies to dollars,
Am        F          C
Canadian, Euros, and Pounds.
  C                                  Am             F
I found some bar on a card with some scratch on the back,
         C              G          F        C                G
It says, "One drink for free. Just stop in sometime, it's on me.
Am         Em              F             G            C
Bring your guitar, sing of rising moons, whiskey, and jars."


And if I had a dime for each cigarette...
Am                 F         C
Lint, after-dinner mints and bread. A ten
                             Am           F          C
From father and toddler that smiled for a medley and said,
           G            F           C             G
"Here's to luck! You're pretty damn good, keep it up.
   Am       Em         F     G           C
If ever you make it on music TV think of us."

I'd earn busker's wages,
     F                      C
Read life between pages and lines. X 2

C C# D7

  D7         F                 C
A fiddle and Matty O'Boyle and I, with six wires,
      D                     F
Creep out for a strum and a saw,
Singin' songs 'til the cops sing along.

solo eh?

   C      C/G      C          C/G   
So tonight, I walk by the old corner,
     Am           F        C
Some stranger has taken my place.
     C/G        C             C/G
I'll scrape the crumbs off my pocket
    Am         F        C
And spice up a clarinet case.


I'd earn busker's wages,
     F                      C
Read life between pages and lines. X 4
         G      F           C          G
Now when I snap up and wrap up for the drive,

  Am           Em          F         G      Am   
I think of the best money I've ever made in my x 2
  Am           Em          F         G         C
I think of the best money i've ever made in my life

Intro x 1
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