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Standard Tuning

Chords Used: C Am F G

Intro:                                           e-x-1p0-3
C Am C Am G x2                                   G-2-----0
                ***When going Am to G do this..  D-2-----0
F Am C Am G x2                                   A-0-----2


C                           Am
You know i could never fall asleep on a train
C              C add 9        Am         G
All the time dreaming about a moving away
F        Am     
Finally awake; 
F                            Am        G
I wonder what if i pull the emergency brake
C                           Am
Doors are still open and i wish they would shut
C                C add 9           Am           G
Then I can stop thinking should i jump down and run
F            Am
Only on page ten
F                             Am       G
And I think i gotta start all over again

G      (A-2--2-3-2)

         F          C                 G          Am
When the tape slows down it means the battery is dead
         F            C         Am       G
Yea your songs never get stuck outta my head
        F      C           G            Am  
If i ever fall asleep ill remember my dream
  G                            Am
Where every body is there and no body leaves
  G                            Am     G    F    G     (A-2--2-3-2) 
Where every body is there and no body leaves


G   C   F   C

F   G   C



Outro (same as Transition)
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