G                      Am
Beware the tides are rising
      C                   D
In the city of brotherly love 
    G                     Am
The blood red lights were flashin'
       C                     D
As the cellars rose up in a flood
             Em        D        Am        C
And when they drag you from the depths of mud
    Em       C             D
And beat you when you were down
Then they tossed ya in jail for a hundred years
            D       G
Save a city burn it down
G                       Am      C                    G
That'S what they said as they tore your home to the ground

Next verse has the same chord progression.

And when I was seven in surburban heaven,
the teachers and elders and police...
they'd cover my ears so I wouldn't hear
the gunshots soar through those city streets.
And if anyone questioned the liberty bomb,
or why the timers were even wound,
a scolding they'd earn, and so we soon learned:
to save a city, you burn it down.
And that's what they said
as they burned their
homes to the ground. 

G       Em      G       Em
So many people, so many lives
G       C              Am           D
So many kept silent so they may survive
G           Em            G                   Em    
Respect slaughtering cops and politicians they lawed
G                    C                        Am                   D
Or these gavels will crush your home and you'll be expected to applaud

Then the chords go back to how they were in the begining.

So the crime was a trip to the market.
The sentence, a lifetime of hurt,
as she saw through tears,
her home of thirty of years
reduced to rubble and dirt.
And she cursed those who would approach her
and hold papers up to her face, and say,
"You should feel blessed you live in the U.S.
and not some other hellish place" 

So take heed if you live in the city
in a part where the tourists wont's tread.
And beware if you maintain resistance
and choose not to be on of the led.
And if you're out in suburban gardens,
don't let them plant lies deep in your head,
'cause you too could come home to no home
or to find your family dead.

'Cause they've got this dream of a city
where no community unity can be found.
So stand up and save your neighbor hood.
Fuck the city, burn it down(x3) 

Pretty simple song, fun to play acoustic.
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