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Intro: C C B A  A G F  F F# G

 C                           A
Same say that?s where man began
 A                         F
On this wasted piece of land
 F                         G
Where evolution?s yet to show
 G           C
Forbidden zone
 C                   A
Blasting into outer space
 A                 F
The planet of the apes
 F                G
Evolution?s one hero

 F(P/M)                              F# G
Crossing a plain into another dimension
G(P/M)                     F# F
A million years into the future
 F(P/M)                           F# G
Crossing a path into another dimension
G  F#  A  G#
We the unseen 
 D                   G            A
Back on earth it all you?ll read about
 D                  G     A
All the evidence destroyed
 D                   G      A
Maps legends mark the firewalls
    G               A
We lost abandoned saviors

Repete desde o in?cio

 G          A
We shall sustain
                D D C# B  B A G  G G# A (2x)
The Forbidden zone

O final ? 
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