Intro (chorus): Gm / Ebm

Verse One: Bbm / Ebm / Abm

   Abm          /      Bbm 
I was lookin for affection
       Bbm         /  Ebm     /   Abm
So I decided to go, 
          Abm                /    Bbm
swing that dick in my direction
      Bbm      /   Ebm    /     Abm
I'll be out of control
 Abm               /   Bbm
Let's take it to perfection
      Bbm      /   Ebm    /     Abm
Just you and me
    Abm                  /   Bbm
Let's see if you can bring the bring the bring 
 Bbm                /   Ebm    /     Abm
the nasty out of me
Nownownow now sock it

     Gm                      /                  Eb
Ooh ahh, sock it to me like you want to oh
I can take it like a pro and you'll know
Do it long bro with a back stroke
My hormones are jumpin like a disco
I be poppin mess like some Crisco.
And all you gotta say is Missy go
And when you say it though I want it moved slow

Verse Two: Missy

I'm at your house around midnight
Don't fall asleep
It'll just be me me me on a late night creep
I'ma show you thangs,that you can't believe
Jump in this b-e-d
And won't you sock it to me?

Chorus x3
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