• Song:

    Why Try And Change Me Now

  • Artist:

    Misty Miller

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Eb Ebm Dm G7
Cm F Bb G7

Cm          F          Dm            G7
I'm sentimental so I walk in the rain
Cm             F         Dm      G7
I've got some habits even I can't explain
Eb            Ebm       Dm             G7
I'll go to the corner but I end up in Spain
Cm           F          Bb    G7
Why try and change me now?

Cm          F             Dm        G7
I sit and daydream I got daydreams galore
Cm           F           Dm             G7
Cigarette ashes well there they go on the floor
Eb               Ebm            Dm                 G7
I'll go away weekends but I leave my keys in the door
Cm            F          Bb
Why try to change me now?

Fm            Bb           Eb
Why can't I be more conventional?
Fm                  Bb           Eb
People talk and they stare so I try
Gm                    C
But that's not for me 
F                  Bb        C                       F
Coz I can't see my kind of crazy world go passing me by

Cm                F              Dm            G7
So let people wonder let em laugh let em frown
Cm           F                     Dm        G7
You know I'll love you to the moon's upside down
Eb            Ebm        Dm     G7
Don't you forgot, I'm only a clown
Cm                F         Dm             G7
So why try to change me? Why try to change me?
Cm          F           Bb
Why try to change me now?

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