• Song:

    In One Direction

  • Artist:

    Mitch Colin

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Intro: E5  C5  G5  D5

When I close my eyes and imagine you're here
B5                                            C5  C5  G5
Crazy fantasies the way I always dreamed they'd be
 A5                                 A5
I want to shout and tell the world so you can hear
    D5         D5
I'll always love you

E5                       C5         G5
When you look at me from deep inside
Something takes over
E5                       C5               G5              D5
Feeling that I'm floating through the air...just like the wind
E5                     C5
Floating like a cloud in one direction
G5              D5
Guided by your heart

Solo: E5  C5  G5  D5
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