• Song:

    My Nightmare

  • Artist:

    Mitch Colin

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Intro 2x: G  Em  C  D

  G    Em          C        D
    I  sit  here at midnight
  G   Em          C   D
    Try hard to forget
  G    Em          C        D
    My nightmare in my dream
  G    Em       C    D
    Is not over yet

  Em         D
    I cry all alone
  C                  D    D#?
    For this kind of love
  Em                D
    I don't want an angel
  C              D
    From heaven above

    So please don't you say goodbye
        C       D
    Not even in my dream
    I find myself waking up
        C          D
    And feeling so cold
    But in the mood of the night
      C       D
    I try and forget
    My nightmare or my dream
         C     D
    Still not over yet

Solo: Em  Bm  C   D  D#?

   Em          D
     I cry all alone
   C                  D
     For this kind of love ??.
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