• Song:

    One More Time

  • Artist:

    Mitch E Mickey

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Picking pattern for verse (and intro): 
    D              D/C            Dsus4/B           Dsus4/A 
Intro: D5  D5  D5  D5  D5  D5 
    D5     D5                D5   D5 
You gave me sweet things and flowers 
    D5     D5        D5      D5 
You gave me a sky so blue 
    D5     D5         D5     D5 
You gave me a rock to lean on 
       A5             D5 
And I gave myself to you 
We wandered through each other's secrets 

We traded an honored word 

We shared a solemn promise 

But like the raven's cry, it must be heard 

C5                           A5 
Please don't take away your love dear 
C5                    A5 
One mistake is not a crime 
C5                              A5 
Let's start again - My love is yours dear 
             G5    D5 
Your love is mine - One more time 
                                                (One more time) 
You tell me a cold wind?s a?coming 
A chill that turns a heart to stone 
And your eyes say it?s time to move on 
Down a road you?d rather walk alone 
Now pride is a raging river 
It can fell the tallest tree 
Like a song beneath the wings of forgiveness 
Can tame the stormy sea 
They say that nothing is forever 
Like the tide that comes in but doesn?t stay 
But our journey has taken up a lifetime 
And you give you just can?t take away 
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