e----------------------------- | 
B-4--7-----5-5-4-4------------ |   }
G-------4---------6-6-4-4 ---- |  x2
D----------------------------- | 
A----------------------------- | 
E----------------------------- | 

e---------------------------------------------------------------- | 
B-4--7-----5-5-4-4--------4-5-5555-4-5-5555-4-5-5555-4h555-4h555- | 
G-------4---------6-6-4-4 --------------------------------------- | 
D---------------------------------------------------------------- | 
A---------------------------------------------------------------- | 
E---------------------------------------------------------------- | 

B5                             E5
This night is something else, I guess I missed the mark
I'll show up late again, so I can count the stars
Ab5                      F#5
And stay outside until I freeze
It's what I want not what I need
And we can sing in harmony

EAD> B5 E5 x2 Ab5 F#5 E5

B5                        E5
I look around this room , I try to plan my escape
I told my friends I'd leave the house, I guess I made a mistake
Ab5                       F#5
The windows down so I can freeze
Cause if their not I'll fall asleep
Cause everyone has fallen asleep

B5 Ab5 E5 F#5 
I'm so tired of everyone I know
and cigarette smoke and attempts at parties
and their all drunk and stoned, while I just sit at home
and write words to songs, so I don't feel alone
And I'm not saying that I'm any better
But at least I do all my dumb shit at home
cause everyones the same, and everyone is lame
but they can sing bad songs and dance ironically

So Fuck the world, now I feel a little better
I don't care what's on your mind, I'm feeling happier today
I haven't changed at all, which is something that I'm proud of
cause it's more than you can say
So fuck the world, they don't understand it
I couldn't do it if I planned it, it just happened this way
And all this time, at least it isn't wasted
I've got stars that I'm still chasing
I don't know why I complain
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