This is a really simple and fun song. These are the two basic parts. For the outro just 
play the C#m-B-A bit a couple extra times. I'm working on the lead part from the Maps & 
Companions version and if I finish it then I'll post that up, too.

E C#m B A
E C#m B

E A C#m B A

The color of your shirt reminds me of my bed
I don't mean that in a sexual way
And when I'm out with you I don't care what is said
I know it's all jealousy
I drive past my house cause it's not late enough
I feel like just going out
Twenty minutes later I'm feeling kinda tired
You know what I'm talking about

I don't like to party
I don't like to say what's on my mind
I've just got a problem
It's nothing that won't go away in time

The color of the trees when the summer times over makes me smile even when I'm alone
I laugh to myself and I hold conversations about things you'll never know
I drive past your house and I don't mean to look, it makes me feel like a creep
But I've got this feeling I was just thinking, thinking of you and me

You barely try but you're rad, a lot of times it's you that's on my mind
I've just got a problem, I'm thinking it will go away in time
Thinking it will go away in time
Thinking it will go away in time
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