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[Strum once-ish here]
E5           F#5            A5                 
When did my friends start doing cocaine and
    E5       F#5          A5
complaining I'm not complaining
E5           F#5           A5 
I'm feeling better but I can't explain why it's
E5    F#5          A5
fading, but it's fading

        E5           F#5          A5
Through sunsets and sunrise can you see in my eyes
    E5           F#5      A5
The sunset and sunrise, yeah yeah yeah yeah

E5 F#5   A5
I just figured out the reason
    E5 F#5    A5
But I won't ever say a word
        E5   F#5     A5
And the sidewalk's leading me today
     E5               F#5  A5
So I guess I'm gonna be okay

        E5           F#5         A5
Through sunrise and sunsets we piss under bridges
  E5      F#5          A5
I appreciate all the small things I'm fine
           E5           F#5              A5
When we're walking and talking through playgrounds and downtown
E5            F#5               A5
Laughing and smiling at least most of the time
Through sunsets and sunrise
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