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Tabbed by ake naptuner

Note:My second time now.....

Intro: G-D-Em-C-- 

  G5                 D5
Saying I love you 

    E5                   C5
It's the hardest thing to do 

And if I ever do, 

         Em            C--
Girl, I'll always be true


      G5             D5
    I may not be the best 

     E5            C5
    Looking guy you ever knew 

             G5                 D5
But I can show you love 

              E5               C5
That will always be true 

                 G5                   D5
And when your skies turn gray 

           E5            C5
My love will guide the way 

              G5                 D5
And if these words that I hold 

                  E5          C5
Could only be told 

(Repeat Chorus) 


E5         C5
And when your tears 

              G5       D5 , Eb5 ,
Fall to the ground 

 E5                 C5
    I will pick you up 

                G       D---
When your feeling down, woh.... 

Adlib: G5 - D5 - E5 - C-;(2x) 

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Bridge except last word) 

      G5        D(break)
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