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    Mono Puff

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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 23:15:48 EDT
From: WestonMike 
Subject: m/mono_puff/unsupervised.crd

from Mono Puff's first album Unsupervised

Graciously Transcribed by Sean Weston

This is the first song I've ever transcribed, so bear with me.I also don't
know all the lyrics off the top of my head,so they're probably wrong.  At
least now there might be some chords on the Mono Puff site.  Enough B.S.  Onto
the Music!


intro:  G C D7sus4 D7

         G    C          D7sus4  D7
I hit my head I hear the phone   ring
      Em            C         D
I was distracted by my friend Joe
         G     C            D7sus4  D7
I hit my head, now I'm left hand-   ed
          Em       C         D
Lost the sublet to my friend Joe
          C            D         G        Em
I lost my superpowers,   I was invincible
             C         D             G     Em
I could just cut myself write out my will
      C           D        G     Em
I was unsupervised I had a real good time
Untill I

I hit my head

Very simple. Just wash, rinse, and repeat for the rest
Between verses play the intro chords under the solo


Last time through on the solo, end on an Em chord

Any questions, comments, or corrections, E-Mail WestonMike@aol.com
Chords at last!
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