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-  The Monroes

         G           D
Cheerio, cheerio, 'bye, 'bye
Am           Am/G     D
Cheerio it's too late to try
C                B
'Cause I miss you in the morning
Em              Bm
And I need you every night
C         D7          G
Cheerio, cheerio, 'bye, 'bye

Cheerio, cheerio, 'bye, 'bye
I will never know the reason why
For a moment we were lovers
For a moment you were mine
Now it's over, cheerio bye bye

C          G      D
You were running wild
Am      Am/G       D
A misbegotten child
C               B
I saw you on the rooftop
Em                 Bm
Your eyes were shining bright
C      D7       G
Like a candle in the night
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