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Hey there! This is for all you Monster Magnet Fans out there.
Finally I have the time to tab this song...

So here it goes:

Intro: D   Dsus4   Dsus2   Dm   (listen to the song for the rhythm...)


D                     C
Too bad you couldn't take the fun
      G                    D
That live gives away for free
I know you gotta blame someone
       G                D
So it might as well be me
I learned a long time ago
          G                          D
That you gotta shake hands with the pain
Too bad the only thing you learned
       G                   D
Was a million ways to complain


    G           A
Oh well we've gone the mile
G          A
You forgot how to smile
G          A
Too bad I gotta say
Don't go away mad
      C        D    Dsus4   Dsus2   Dm
Just go away

Verse 2:
      D              C
Last night I had a crazy dream
            G                      D
That I was playing on a real cool team
The sound was just alright
            G               D
And i was scratching on a leaning tree
Drink alone and pissing and moaning
G                   D
That just ain't my style
Too bad you're such a pain in the ass
          G                     D
That you never had a chance at all


Well, that's it. Hope it's allright and you enjoy the song!
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