• Song:

    For My Lady

  • Artist:

    Moody Blues

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Damn, these guys write good love songs!


by Ray Thomas (Moody Blues)

    G                 Dm
My boat sails stormy seas,
        C                   G
Battles oceans filled with tears.
At last my port's in view
         C                G
Now that I've discovered you.

            C               Em
   Oh, I'd give my life so lightly
           Am     Em
   For my gentle lady.
            Dm              G
   Give it freely, and completely
   To my lady.

As life goes drifting by,
Like a breeze she'll gently sigh.
And slowly bow her head,
Then you'll hear her softly cry.

   Oh, I'd give my life so lightly...

 Fm                      C
Words that you say when we're alone,
    Fm                         C
But actions speak louder than words.
    Fm                     C
But all I can say is, "I love you so."
 Dm               G
Drive away all my hurt.

   Oh, I'd give my life so lightly...

Set sail before the sun,
Feel the warmth that's just begun.
Share each and every dream,
They belong to every one.

   Oh, I'd give my life so lightly...
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