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    The Never Played Symphonies

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    Irish Blood, English He...

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Verse 1:
CReflecting (x32010@1)from my deathbed 
                                        FI'm (133211@1)balancing life's riches against the ditches 
Fm (133111@1)                          Cand (x32010@1)the flat gray years in between
                        GAll (320003@1)I can see are the never-laid
            F (133211@1)          CThat's (x32010@1)the never-played symphonies

Verse 2:
CI (x32010@1)can't see those who tried to love me                        
All those who felt they understood me 
                  F (133211@1)                        Cand (x32010@1)I can't see those who very patiently put up with me
                         GAll (320003@1)I can see are the never-laid
         F (133211@1)         COr (x32010@1)the never-played symphonies

C -> C7
F (133211@1)                 GYou (320003@1)were one, you meant to be one
Eand (022100@1)you jumped into my face and laughed 
       Am (x02210@1)                               F (133211@1)    Gand (320003@1)kissed me on the cheek and then were gone forever
        C...not (x32010@1)quite

Verse 3:
CBlack (x32010@1)sky in the daytime
and I don't much mind dying
               F (133211@1)                      CWhen (x32010@1)there is nothing left to care for anymore
           G (320003@1)             F (133211@1)          CJust (x32010@1)the never-laid, the never-played symphonies

F (133211@1)             GYou (320003@1)were one, you knew you were one
Eand (022100@1)you slipped right thru my fingers 
         Am (x02210@1)                      FNo (133211@1)not literally but metaphorically
                G (320003@1)              Cand (x32010@1)now you're all I see as the light fades

Tabbed by : Michiel Buis michielbuis@hotmail.com

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