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Guitar tab for Ball Cap by Mother Mother. Great song by a great band. I only got 
the beginning part. I'll be putting in more after I figure it out.

    G of some sort
B--------3--------3--------3---------3----I                 I        
G------4--------4--------4---------4------I                 I  
D----5--------5--------5---------5--------I                 I     
A-----------------------------------------I                 I              
E-----------------------------------------I                 I    
                                                            I  x2       
    Em                                                      I        
e----------0-------0-------0--------------I                 I     
B--------0-------0-------0----------------I                 I              
G------0-------0-------0------------------I                 I          
D----2-------2-------2-------0------------I                 I        
A-----------------------------------------I                 I        

Let me know what I need to fix in the comments. I haven't figured out the verses 
and such, I will figure it out as soon as I can.
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