• Song:

    Back To The Beat

  • Artist:

    Motion City Soundtrack

  • Album:

    Back to the Beat

The chords are given as the would be in standard tuning to make it easier.

A5         C#5               F#5           E5        D5
When I was younger I fell in love with the girl next door

A5          C#5                   F#5     E5   D5  
Back to the beat yeah back to the beat of 1984
A5     C#5                F#5      E5    D5                              A5
We had beat street we had breaker  1 and 2 electric boogaloo dude it was cool

                  C#5                                F#5        
We?d bust out the cardboard in the backstreet by the drugstore

     E5     D5                   D5 C#5 B5

just me and you afterschool

           D5                  A5      C#5      F#5
Uou said I did the worm better than anyone that you knew

D5            E5***         A5        C#5   F#5
Breakin? with you was the best time of my life

  D5                      B5
I wanna breakdance yeah I wanna get down with you

*** played an octive higher:
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