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Author: James
Band: Moterhead
Song: Evolution/
This is my first tab and the chords are right. Tjust listen to the song and play it right. The Chords dont go with the words so u have to get the timing and strimming right.

Gm = e B G D A E
     0 0 0 0 2 3
Intro: E,G,D,A,Gm    
   E          G    
Evolution is a mystery
  D      A            Gm  
Full of change that no one sees
     E    G      D  
Clock makes a fool of History
 A         GM
Yesterday is too long ago
Don't agree what I know
Tommorrow becomes a place to be
 E        G       D
I see the light in the sand
      A     Gm
Time to find out who I am
E           G          D
Looking back to see where I stand 
A       Gm  E      E
Evolution... Evolution...
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