• Song:

    California Song

  • Artist:

    Mountain Goats

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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 12:44:05 -0600
From: Henry Mayer 

I think it's in E (but I don't recall off hand - anyway that's how I'm
giving the chords.  Feel free to correct it, anyone.)

Title:  California Song
Band:   Mountain Goats

E                          A     B
I know you see mars in the sky tonight
E                                   A                       B
and I know you can see venus rising  and veering off to the right.
can you see that young star ahead?
         A                      B
it's the one that designed my undoing.
E                             A                  B
I know that in california the waves break on the beach.
E                                        A
and I know that the foam on the breaking waves
is as white as household bleach.
but if you could see that particular white right now
         A                                 B
it's the color of the young star coming on down.
I've got joy joy joy in my soul tonight
         A                 B             E
I've got joy joy joy in my arms alright. alright.
although you treat me badly,
I love you madly.
E                A       B
you really got a hold on me.
E                A       B
you really got a hold on me.
All right.

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