• Song:

    Coming Home

  • Artist:

    Mountain Goats

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Coming Home
The Mountain Goats
John Darnell
J. Magnani (tab composer)

Chords used

E     A     Bm    ?1    ?2
-x    -x    -2    -4    -4
-x    -2    -4    -4    -4
-1    -2    -4    -4    -6
-2    -2    -4    -6    -6 
-2    -x    -2    -6    -4
-x    -x    -2    -4    -x

E                                     A                  Bm
Streak the windows, smear the walls w/ coconut oil yeah
E                                         A               Bm
Fill the cast iron kettle, w/ water and magnolia blossom,
?1                                A                Bm
let it boil, let the water roll, let the fire takes it toll
E                   A  Bm
I'm coming home. Home

E                                             A     Bm
Dust off the items, give them something to eat,
        E                             A              Bm
I think they're hungry, I know I'm starving half to death.
?1                                     A                      Bm
I know your waiting, I know you've been waiting a long long time,
          E            A    Bm
but I'm coming home. Home

    ?2                      Bm    
        Set the table, plus three extra places, 
    E                                      A  Bm 
one me, one for your doubts, and one for God.
E                                 A   Bm
Let the inscence burn in every room.
E                        A                 Bm
Feel the fulness of time in the empty tomb.
E                 A              Bm              E
Feel the future kicking in your womb, I'm coming Home.
  A    Bm    E      
Home, Home, Home.

Thanx John for the super tunes!

J. Magnani  neilyngrks@yahoo.com
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