• Song:

    Going To Maine

  • Artist:

    Mountain Goats

  • Album:


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Going to Maine
By John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats
Tabbed by Dan Cobb

Darnielle bars the chords as you can hear with the bassline pickup note
 in the recording, but I'm a wuss so I just capo the 4th fret and drop
 the pickup note :D
Listen to the song for strumming pattern.
These chords are with no capo, but are played at the 4th & 6th frets

  Ab         C#         Eb          E
e|-4-|     e|-4-|     e|-6-|     e|-7-|
B|-4-|     B|-6-|     B|-8-|     B|-9-|
G|-5-|     G|-6-|     G|-8-|     G|-9-|
D|-6-|     D|-6-|     D|-8-|     D|-9-|
A|-6-|     A|-4-|     A|-6-|     A|-7-|
E|-4-|     E|-4-|     E|-6-|     E|-7-|

Ab                 C#
You and me are in a lot of trouble
Ab                   Eb
And somebody's gonna burst our bubble
Ab           C#
Your husband. My Wife.
Ab          Eb
My marriage. Your life.

* Chorus *
Ab                          C#
Let's go to Maine out on the East Coast.
Ab                      Eb
Let's go to Maine right now.
Ab                            C#
Let's beat the retreat. Let's hop on a plane.
Ab                    Eb
Let's get out of here. Let's go to Maine.

Someone knows what's going on
Someone knows, and someone's gonna tell
Someone's gonna wrap us up in styrofoam and paper
And mail us flat-rate right down to Hell

* Chorus x2 *

Ab C# Ab Eb
Ab C# Ab (E Eb Ab C# Ab)
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