• Song:

    Jeff Davis County Blues

  • Artist:

    Mountain Goats

  • Album:

    All Hail West Texas

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Here's the tab to the thing he doies sometimes during the song, the chords are listed 
for the pattern simply hear the song yourself.

b 1-0----|
g ----0--|
d -----0-|


after three nights in jail i


head north from toya vail


switched to two eighty five in pacos

head up to the redbluff


my walk's real steady

and my eyes are real cold but i

always feel like i'm sixteen years old

lost in a travel lodge

with the telivison on with the sound down
i don't feel so tough

C                D       G
old issues of sunset magizine

to read
                    C       D
sleep for twelve hours

and dream about home

i have no place to go
so i drive up to new mexico
fix my eyes in the rear view
when i pull up to the state line
and i pack i guess
and although it's quite late
take the first exit to one twenty eight
i Am
coming back to midland
i hope you won't mind
polaroids of the two of us
scattard on the passenger seat
i drive slowly
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