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Stone Age Kid
By: Mr Seley

GCG CG~E.F.F#.G.x4

I'm a Stone Age kid in the land of computers
I ride my mastodon among the commuters
My pants are saber tooth. My shirt is made of cheetah
And I crush all my problems like a juicy mosquito  

CI (x32010@1)come from 10,000 years ago
AmWe've (x02210@1)got 10,000 years to go
CAnd (x32010@1)history will be what we did ('cause I'm a...)
		I'm astone (x02210@1)age kid!!!

Mamma cooked dinner on an open volcano
And my daddy wrestled down a wild tornado
They tell me I'm a kid 'til they turn 18
But I'm the only one that can run my scene


Intro (Paula soloing.)

Blank verse (Paula still soloing)


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