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From: Palascqua@aol.com
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 01:50:10 -0400
Subject: "sackcloth and ashes" by the mr. t experience

sackcloth and ashes
the mr. t experience
love is dead

recommended chord chart

    e   f#  a   b  db   d

alternate chord chart

    e   f#  a   b   d

intro: a a d a a e a a d e/a a d a a e a a d e a

a                                   d            a
she looks pretty good in blue she's worn it out alot
a                               b               e
you look good on paper too when actually you're not
a                             d
she's not looking anymore for someone to feel sorry for so
a        e            a
don'cha come round no more
          a               a/d     a              a/e
she's got pretty fake eye-lashes slanted plastic glasses
a            db/d            e
everyone who passes says she looks beautiful but
a                                    d
don't even think about asking her to dance cause in your
a              d            e                     a
 sackcloth and ashes you're never gonna have a chance
              d      e  a
sackcloth and ashes.

a d a a e a a d e a

    a                                 d                a
she smeared you with her fingerprints just because she could
a                               b                 e
she's not sorry for her sins as long as she looks good
a                            d
how can she have so much fun knowing all the things she's done
      a          e                      a
she's bad, she's strong, or maybe she's stupid
              a            a/d     a           a/e
but she's got pretty party dresses manic-panic tresses
a            db   d       e
she believes that less is more where you're concerned and
a                                                d 
  you can only dream about the places that she's been cause in your
a               d            e                     a
  sackcloth and ashes they're never gonna let you in
f#      e     d         a     f#               e               d
one day maybe you'll be way beyond this silly habit you've put on
f#        e       d         a         f#
tough and strong enough and wrong and wrong enough
    e                d                       e
for long enough to belong there but till that day comes along
          a             a/d    a              a/e
you'll be sullen and regretful querulous and fretful
a        db/d         e
carrying a head full of evil thoughts and there'll be
a                  a/d       a                      d
lots of girls and people who want to know where you stand
           a              d            e                     a
but in your sackcloth and ashes you'll never make them understand
a             d     a               d     a               d
sackcloth and ashes   sackcloth and ashes   sackcloth and ashes
       e                    a
they're never gonna understand

transcribed by palascqua@aol.com
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