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NOTE: This Is Not My Own Work!! These are the tabs as found on the Mr. T Experience 
"Yesterday Rules"... I just thought I'd Upload them for those who don't own the cd...

She's not a Flower

Intro: D Dsus2 A E (4x)

A     D     E   F
She's not a flower

A                         D
she isn't growing in your garden today

A                          E
you couldn't cultivate her anyway

A      D     E     F
you're not a king bee

A                         D
you like honey and you're packing a sting

A                      E
but there really isn't such a thing

you're in flight, and she smells all right

                A            E
but she's not a flower

As intro x4

A     D      E  F
She's not an o  cean

A                            D
that you're an island in the middle of

A                   E
and there isn't any prison of love

A      D     E   F
you're not a freebird

    A               D
hey you, up on that mountain peak

A                            E
can't you hear what's coming out of your beak?

you can say you'll fly away

    D            A                E
but you're not a freebird

As intro x4

A      D     E   F
Love's not a poison

A                        D
you better find a better reason why

A                 E
you feel like you want to die

   A    D           E    F
a broke heart won't kill you

A                         D
you might suffer till the end of your days

A                         E
but that was gonna happen anyways

and even if the love  you mourn

is equal to the love you scorn

    E                 E7
and fortune mocks the love you gave

    D                Dmaj7
and someone lays her on your grave

D           A               E
she's not a flower

Outro = intro x2
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