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    Plays 'Hate The Police'

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From: joh1430j@bkstud1.uel.ac.uk

Revolution - Taken from 'This Gift' 12"

This is Mudhoney's version of a Spacemen 3 song.

In the UK it appears on the B side to 'This Gift', but im sure
i've seen it on an Australian Import as well.

Its very simple to play, with just two chords used for most of
the song.  The chords used are all power chords and are as
follows -

     E5 (022xxx@1)   G5 (355xxx@1)   A5 (x022xx@1)  C#5 (x133xx@4)  D5 (xx023x@1)     X      X      X     X      X
      X      X      X     X      X
      9     12     14    18      7
      9     12     14    18      7
      7     10     12    16      5
      X      X      X     X      X

/ - slide up
 - slide down

The intro is played using E5 G5 and A5

        E5 (022xxx@1)        G5 (355xxx@1)        A5e|------X-X-X---/---X--X----/---X--X--X----| (x022xx@1)B|------X-X-X---/---X--X----/---X--X--X----|

Play the above sequence 3 times.  At the end of the first
two times slide back to E5.  At the end of the third playing,
slide up to C#5 and play the chord about 16 times.

The rest of the song is made up by playing the following

        E5 (022xxx@1)                 D5e|------X--X--X--X--X--X--X----X--/-| (xx023x@1)B|------X--X--X--X--X--X--X----X--/-|

After playing the intro 3 times, slide down to D5 and strum the
chord once.  Then slide to E5 and play the above sequence.  The
sequence basically just involves playing E5 and then sliding to
D5 and playing it once then sliding back up to E5.

The lyrics are as follows,

During the C#5 strumming - 'Alright look out'

The rest of the lyrics are

Im sick, so sick, of getting sick
everytime i loose my direction
Im tired, so tired, of getting up in the morning
for that long uphill walk, to the ??????? 
Theres got to be, an easier way
Now hold on a second, its burning
theres a change coming, in my blackened school
I suggest too you, that it takes 5 seconds, just 5 seconds
to put a morphine sepository, all, the way, inside
Brothers and sisters, do you know what im talking about
im talking about, a full on, motherfucking, REVOLTION !!!!

The Spacemen 3 version has slightly different lyrics.

I hope that makes sense, to get a feel for the song its best to
have a listen to the record.

General points - play with distortion on, after the lyric
'REVOLUTION' really let go!


Ryan Johnstone.

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